Thursday, July 18, 2002

The Daily Howler is still saying that Shrub's getting a bit of a raw deal from pundits about his Harken stock deal. Either they conflate facts that shouldn't be mixed or they're just nitwits like Martin Peretz. So gleaning from the incomparable Howler, here's a small chronology...

1989 - Aloha Petroleum is acquired
6-22-90 - Shrub sells his stock in Harken. Thinks there'll be quarterly losses of $4 million
July 1990 - Losses of $23 million. Harken stock tanks for the time being
Between Bush sale and earnings report - accountants and auditors (of which Bush is no longer a part) meet
Summerish 1991 - Harken restates earnings as a result of SEC nailing them for smelly Aloha deal, stock tanks again.

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