Wednesday, July 24, 2002

The Daily Howler while spending some time trying to debunk some of the mythology surrounding Harken, has devoted much of its time to fact-checking Ann Coulter's pitiful little volume. If Bob tries to fact-check the whole thing the way he's going so far, it'll take him another eight months or so, as he can just open to any random page and find a new column to write. So I request, Bob, sooner or later, stop the madness.

But while he's there, I'll comment on his latest bit, which was on the last page of Slander. It covered the death of auto racing legend Dale Earnhardt, and how Coulter claimed that the liberal elitists at the New York Times was trashing all those Southerners. (Never mind her obvious lie that the Times didn't bother to cover it for three days.) Witness:

Demonstrating the left’s renowned populist touch, the article began, “His death brought a silence to the Wal-Mart.” The Times went on to report that in vast swaths of the country people watch stock-car racing. Tacky people were mourning Dale Earnhardt all over the South!

Well, you can get the rest of the story that the Times writer (Rick Bragg) is originally from Alabama, and his main ambition is to write about the area where he was raised. But there's an obvious conclusion that the Howler is too polite to make: Ann Coulter believes that Southerners are tacky people. Why? Well, it's quite clear from Bragg's piece that he didn't associate "Wal-Mart" with "tacky". But that particular association had to come from somewhere, and it could only come from the wacky brain of Coulter, the Connecticut cultural elitist herself.

Fortunately for her, this unintentional descent into hilarious self-parody that is Slander ended there.

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