Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Does Paul Krugman read BartCop.com?

Probably not, but these two kicker paragraphs near the end of today's New York Times column just say it all...

All of this showed Mr. Bush's characteristic style. First there's the penchant for secrecy, for denying the public information about decisions taken in its name. So it's no surprise that the proposed Homeland Security Department will be exempt from the Freedom of Information Act and from whistle-blower protection.

Then there's the conversion of institutions traditionally insulated from politics into tools for rewarding your friends and reinforcing your political control. Yesterday the University of Texas endowment; today the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; tomorrow those Social Security 'personal accounts'?

Qualitatively, it's not much different from saying that Bush and Cheney needed to steal the presidency to get their mitts on that $5 trillion surplus to give to themselves and their friends, a consistent BartCop theme.

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