Monday, July 22, 2002

It had to happen some time.

American citizens have fled across the border seeking political asylum in Canada. Given that the war that's not on still doesn't require a draft, no one's fleeing for that. Rather, it's glaucoma and cancer patients who wish to smoke marijuana to relieve the pain and nausea. They're being allowed to stay in Canada while their status is determined in court.

As if to remove all doubt as to why the asylum-seekers claim persecution in the U.S., White House drug war flack Robert Maginnis had this to say, "Providing sanctuary to some of these people who see Canada as an easy place to escape the long leash of US law enforcement is dangerous ... I would hope that the Canadian government would see fit to send them back to the US so they can face charges."

Nice to see the Shrubbery prove the asylum-seekers' point for them, eh?

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