Wednesday, July 31, 2002

The latest Gene Lyons column is a must-read, as usual. He blasts Joe Lieberman (D-in name only) for taking a whack at Al Gore because Gore dared to try to distinguish himself from Shrub. Alas, Lieberman whipped Gore into shape and gave the Naderites a reason to complain. Other things include a review of an Economist article (sorry, no link) that says that Gore's populism at the convention was prophecy. To quote Lyons, "During the campaign, Gore warned that Bush was being bankrolled by 'a new generation of special-interest power-brokers who would like nothing better than a pliant president who would bend public policy to suit their purposes and profits.' Boys and girls, can you spell Enron?" And the next graf, "Gore also cautioned that 'when powerful interests try to take advantage of the American people, it's often other businesses that are hurt in the process....small- and medium-sized companies that are playing by the rules and earning profits the old-fashioned way.'" Hmmm... that doesn't sound like 'anti-business' rhetoric that Lieberman complained about.

While we're on the subject of prophecy, I was somewhere with a February 4 issue of Time lying around. The Enron-Shrubbery connection was the cover story, and there was a story inside about other Enrons. First there was Tyco defending their accounting that turned out to be a fraud, then they mentioned other companies that may have had problems. Qwest (fraud), Xerox (now being investigated), K-Mart (bankrupt), Big Blue (not much from them lately) were among those listed. A bit prescient, eh?

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