Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Mickey Kaus has been getting a pretty thorough beatdown (figuratively, of course) from several corners for some of his sillier comments. One set regards his "concerns" that the rude (and loving it!) people at MWO are going to incite violence among the monolithic left that is only left and monolithic because it's not as stump-stupid as the Limbaugh family and all of their multiple ex-wives. I'm guessing that the mocking coming from Atrios at Eschaton will make Kaus claim that he's right because they inflicted viowence on his widdle feewings. This'll bring a second round o' mocking, of course.

Then he goes and claims that Little Annie Fannie Coulter won her argument with Katie Couric, which is getting picked up at the renewed and energized Daily Howler. (Read more of that later for more of their incomparable analysis of media silliness.) Seems like a sign of desperation from the RW fool camp, cuz I get the impression that if you can't hold your own with perky apolitical morning show hosts, you don't belong on TV anywhere. Reading his comments, damn, but he's desperate to rescue his fwiend by seizing on a real minor point while overlooking (intentionally) the bigger picture that Coulter is an unemployable idiot, someone with a law degree who claims a whole load of expertise but has never bothered practicing law. You'd think that's what someone who claimed to be an attorney would do, eh?

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