Friday, July 12, 2002

MWO appears to have caught the Shrubbery's press hack Ari Fleischer in a self-contradiction, comparing a recent statement with one in February 2001 regarding politicians talking down the economy. Seems to have claimed then that it was impossible, but that Democrats are doing it now when talking about Shrub's lack of moral authority in calling for corporate reform.

But catching that contradiction, fun as it is, misses the real point of Fleischer's current remarks, which have been very consistent with the Shrubbery's position from the start. Let's quote that again...

MR. FLEISCHER: The President looks at this as a time for people in Washington to come together and demonstrate confidence in the economy, confidence in our system of Congress and the administration working together to fix the problems. It's very easy in Washington for politicians, if they're interested, to point fingers and place blame and work against the interests of the nation.

Never mind the lie that the Shrubbery has any interest in doing any real work with the Congress. The real point in the final sentence is merely the pig, "Americans should watch what the say," with an extra layer of lipstick glopped on. C'mon, he's saying that criticizing the Shrubbery is damn near treason. Did you really expect them to waver from that well-worn party line?

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