Thursday, July 25, 2002

New Howler update. And early, too.

Aside from the usual Coulter fact-checking, which can theoretically go on forever, the Howler prints an exchange on Crossfire between Begala and Carlson about the now-lack-of-investigation into Bob Torricelli. In the exchange, Begala referred to Torricelli not once, not twice, but four times as "cleared" by the US attorney because there was nothing prosecutable. Well, Dr. Squid knows what Bob's getting at, and I suspect Bob would like a bit o' consistency out of those who say that Bush hasn't been cleared over Harken when SEC civil service investigators found nothing of substance there.

Well I, here in puffed-up pompous ass mode, will be consistent. Begala's right on the merits about the Torch, and so is the Howler about Shrub. Nyaah.

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