Monday, July 22, 2002

One of the less-mentioned aspects of Shrub's tenure at Harken has been the awarding of a drilling contract in Bahrain. And now we know why it's a less-mentioned aspect; apparently even Shrub thought the idea of Harken drilling in Bahrain stunk. And as is known, Harken came up with dry holes in Bahrain.

Quotes from the article:

Graf 5: "Asked how Harken was chosen, [Yousuf] Shirawi, then Bahrain's minister of development and industry, said in an interview that seismic surveys were promising, but the "big boys" in the oil industry weren't interested. Shirawi said he decided to go shopping for a small American company and found Harken through a Houston oil consultant and longtime friend, Michael Ameen."

From Michael Ameen in the next-to-last graf: "The guy who didn't want into Bahrain was George W. Bush," Ameen said. "He said, 'I don't think we have the expertise, we've never been overseas, and we don't have the money.' "

You don't exactly have to have been a genius to have wanted to unload Harken stock when those dry holes kept coming up. And Shrub certainly ain't no genius... (on edit: I know; cheap shot. But all I claim is that any geek with web access can make comments on current events; the market for members of the pundit class who do the same for a living [koffCoulterkoffkoff] should be really poor. Unfortunately, these doofs get rich, conservative suckers to fart out a lot of dough in their general direction for doing nothing of value for the world.)

Score another one for the Daily Howler's coverage of this.

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