Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Todd Weiner came up with an odd thought - that the last time there was a baseball strike, the Angry White Men routed the Democratic Party from Congress. And this year, there may be another baseball strike. Only this time it would lead to the GOP being routed from Congress.

I don't know if I agree with him. Angry White Men had a lot to complain about back then, and with corporate big'uns defunding their pensions, the GOP is in trouble, strike or not.

Aside from that possibility, let's expound on the great thinkers of the players union. They're against revenue sharing. Last graf: "Players don't want to drain too much money from the high-revenue teams, who would otherwise spend it on players." Well, where's that money going to go? Lower-revenue clubs. And what will they do with it? Spend it on players. At least they will if the new rules forbid the likes of Carl Pohlad or Jeffrey Loria from pocketing the revenue sharing proceeds.

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