Monday, July 29, 2002

Why has it become axiomatic in political circles that regulation must necessarily be antibusiness?

That's the premise that Joe Lieberman (D-corporate crook coddler) starts off with. He really screeches when the Democratic Party embraces a more populist platform, which he calls "antibusiness".

What Lieberman and most shortsighted market funnermentalists don't quite get is that regulation is actually quite a bit preferable to the alternative in force in most other countries. Here's how it works: regulation is there to prevent market manipulation by power-hungry bidnessmen - the true impediment to a free market. Where the markets aren't so well-regulated, manipulation is rampant on all sides, and you need to bribe officials just to get in the marketplace.

Now where would you be more comfortable? And what is really a cheaper and better way of doing business?

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