Friday, August 16, 2002

Brendan Nyhan from Spinsanity wrote a dissembling diatribe against MWO, and MWO came back with a reasoned response. (A few others, namely Dominion,Demosthenes, and Monchie Monchum have detailed Nyhan's considerable spin.) MWO concedes the accuracy of the Spinsanity piece, the upshot of which was that MWO can be pretty mean and partisan. But every time Nyhan tried doing a takedown of MWO, he didn't bother with any checking of accuracy. Why? Because MWO is accurate. Plain and simple. He only takes exception to MWO's partisan 'jargon'. This is in keeping with Spinsanity's rather silly quest to put an end to all partisan spin in the political sphere. That and his need to appear neutral by finding a moral equivalence between Ann "Kill the Liberals" Coulter and Media "Panchito is nauseating" Whores Online.

Well, here's a message for Nyhan: Politicians are partisan. They spin. That's their job. That's the nature of politics. Get used to it. And human beings have a point of view that they want to get across. Sometimes people actually have to shout to be heard. To quote MWO: So a few citizens own a site and present their perspective! But they're liberals! The horror, the horror!

It seems that what Nyhan wants is for there to be only 'reason and logic' in politics. There's a problem with that, though. Human beings don't necessarily respond right away to reason, and to get power, one needs the votes of human beings. (e.g. The dueling speeches by Brutus and Marc Antony in Julius Caesar.) One would need:

a) a Vulcan
b) Deep Blue

for the purposes of political discussion without the vagaries of human emotion in the mix. That is, politics would be a great thing if we just got rid of all of them pesky human beings mucking things up.

Sorry, Brendan, but I'd rather have human beings representing my interests. We're a nation of laws such that we humans are held in check when we go too far. But those laws aren't meant to deny us our basic humanity.

On edit: Pouting works. (see his comment section under that post)

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