Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Election's over here in MO. Pretty much everyone and everything I voted for lost. (How to spin, how to spin...) I know! I'm an iconoclast! Or something.

Interesting sidelight: The GOP in MO nominated an ex-con, one Al Hanson, for state auditor. He had served 9 months at the joint in Minnesota in the '70's for fraud and larceny. And now he's a financial consultant.

The GOP, quite reflexively, is blaming the Democrats. (I bet they even trained a bird for that purpose.) Said the Dems crossed over to nominate the ex-felon. Problems with that thesis: no one cares about state auditor if US Senator is on the same ballot. (There were about 100,000 fewer votes in the auditor nomination than in the Senate nomination, where one person got 90% of the vote.) And no Democrat in St. Louis at least is going to cross over when one of the three most important offices in the city needs filling and your party is the only one with candidates. So once again, Reality 1 - GOP 0.

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