Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Gawd, I love Krugman.

This time, Krugman dissects the faux populism employed by the Shrubbery. He starts off with the Department of Veterans Affairs memo that instructs them not to market their programs to veterans. If vets remain ignorant of what they deserve after fighting for our country, the Shrubbery saves money that can later be given to Shrub's friends, dontcha know. And he plugs Josh Marshall's site as well. (GeekPol likes Josh Marshall, even though we [tinw] think the fight over the name with the WaPo is silly.)

Krugman, bless him, also takes a swipe at the media whores jumping in unison on Al Gore for speaking...

What are the political implications? When Al Gore wrote an Op-Ed article condemning the elitist policies of the Bush administration, pundits — and many Democratic politicians, including his former running mate — jumped on him with both feet. Populism, everyone insisted, doesn't work in American politics.

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