Tuesday, August 27, 2002

The incomparable Daily Howler's latest media canard has been the Washington Times trashing of NEA suggestions for how to teach about 9-11. The Times quite incredibly claims that the NEA says that teachers shouldn't "suggest any group is responsible" for the attack. Their main source for quote mining is one Brian Lippincott essay. In that essay, Lippincott had said that children should be taught not to assign Arab-Americans guilt by association.

Now then, it's pretty clear that the Times reporter had read that children should not practice a "pin the blame" on someone near. So why leave that out? Well, because the bosses at the Times disagreed with that Lippincott statement. So by leaving that important bit out of their paper, it seems clear to me that the Washington Times does blame Arab-Americans for the 9-11 attacks. As does Annie Free Fries, who said that straight out in calling for FBI profiling of 'swarthy males'.

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