Tuesday, August 13, 2002

The Media Horse has named NY Times columnist Bill Keller Whore of the Week for this groaner of a Gore-bashing column. And for good measure, the Daily Howler limns the same column with its usual flair. However, Bob Somerby didn't note the obvious about Keller's all-Dem-bashing-all-the-time column; it's the first write of the press script that the lazy-assed welfare queens of the Washington press corps will follow to a T.

Also, Somerby notes that the 'fancy hotel' where Al Gore lived while growing up is now a 'Washington penthouse'. So let's go down the list of what it really was:

Fairfax Apartments, a rather spartan setup
completely remodeled to the Ritz Carlton
completely remodeled again to the Westin.

Apparently, it's never occurred to the Washington press corps that a building can be remodeled into something completely different. Any knucklehead who's walked around downtown St. Louis knows that when they see old railroad warehouses converted into fancy hotels. I guess the people who squatted in those abandoned warehouses were really living well to the Washington press corps.

on edit: would be nice if I'd add that link. grumblegrumble

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