Thursday, August 08, 2002

Talking Points Memo is plugging Josh Marshall's new article in Washington Monthly about the myth of competence in the Shrubbery. Going through the piece, the critique of the performance of Biggus Dickus Cheney is spot-on. Also, the general theme is of the Shrubbery playing a confidence game, where they puff out their chest, proclaim strength, and get others to follow. This confidence game has now collapsed under the weight of the deceptions it was predicated on.

I would, however take issue with a minor point. Jim Jeffords didn't bolt the GOP because of the confidence games of the Shrubbery; he left more as a result of the House GOP's chucking the Senate version of the Big Tax Cut in the trash. And until someone can provide evidence that the White House put pressure on the House GOP to make sure that the Senate provisions didn't make it out of conference, that's as close to the truth as to why Jeffords went independent. But that is a minor point.

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