Tuesday, September 10, 2002

The Daily Howler incomparably trains its sights on New Republic writer Michael Crowley, who singles out John Kerry for character flaws that are revealed by his mere act of running for President. Funny how Kerry as a Presidential candidate should be singled out as being flawed because he does what any Presidential candidate does in running for President. It should be needless to say, but the analysis of Crowley's piece is up to the Howler's incomparable standards.

I do take issue with Somerby's characterization of TNR as "perhaps our brightest political periodical." Sorry, Bob, but that hasn't been the case since favorite TDH whipping boy and engineer of the Conservative Crack-up Andy Sullivan was editor. It's still a haven for political nitwittery that was so egregiously displayed by Crowley in his John Kerry piece. Underread periodicals such as The American Prospect are much better.

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