Monday, October 07, 2002

A bit of old news, but it involves the WaPo's favorite subject: a Democrat with a loose zipper.

Paul Patton, the governor of Kentucky, is being sued for sexual harassment by someone he had a two-year fling with. The complainant, one Tina Conner, owns a nursing home called Birchtree Healthcare. In her complaint, she claims that Governor Patton gave her nursing home and construction company state assistance. She also claims that after the relationship ended, Patton sent regulators to Birchtree Healthcare, who dinged it for dozens of violations. The nursing home has now filed for bankruptcy after losing most of its patients.

First of all, about the giving state assistance to the nursing home. Big fat hairy deal. Every nursing home should be getting assistance in the form of Medicaid funding. As for the violations, Ed Wilson, director of long-term care at Kentucky's Cabinet for Health Services, is quoted that the violations cited by state regulators were "very serious care issues. These weren't paper deficiencies that could be corrected by filing a paper."

In other news, Conner really bolsters here credibility in my eyes (snicker) by talking to an aide to Gennifer Flowers.

Have to start consulting the Louisville-Lexington papers for more.

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