Tuesday, October 29, 2002

From Hesiod, for starters.

It's been pretty hush-hush, but there was a coup attempt in Qatar, according to a Christian Science Monitor account of an arabicnews.com story. Lean Left also has something about this. And for some reason, when Googling 'qatar coup', Freeperville came first. Whatever.

Now then, about Qatar. Other that it being the home of al-Jazeera, which has a penchant of making everyone mad at it (including their Saudi neighbors), Qatar is the home of 3000 US troops. With Saudi Arabia refusing access to its bases, and Kuwait being threatened as well, Qatar is pretty much the only place that US troops can base an Iraq attack. And with an unstable situation in Qatar, well, so much for that idea.

Seeing as I'm blogging about this over 2 weeks after the fact, it's a good guess that the Shrubbery doesn't want you to know that the Iraq war that most Americans hate anyway is in jeopardy. But thanks to the CS Monitor for saying something.

The same CS Monitor article also says that Rummy's demanding that the CIA hand over an Iraq-al Qaeda link. In other words, he wants the CIA to use the young-earth creationist method of data collection: draw curve, plot points later.

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