Monday, October 28, 2002

The Russians gas 117 of their own to death. Glenn Reynolds approves. And to top it all off, he claims (yeah, like he's really telling the truth) that the only thing that the anti-Putin crowd feel is schadenfreude. Then he claims that the choice was doing what they did or letting the Chechen hostage-takers kill them all. Since, well, they're not all dead, it must be a success.

Pardon me while I fire up this truck to drive through that logic hole of 'Professor' Reynolds. Were those really the only choices that the Putin government had? To do nothing or to launch an unknown, classified poison gas that kills 1 out of every 7 it comes in contact with? Was there really nothing else that might have, you know, minimized the casualties?

It's things like this that make me glad that a) Glenn Reynolds is a professor and not a practicing lawyer, b) Glenn Reynolds is in law and not in science. In fact, the field of law is a perfect place for that thinwitted hack.

Link via Hesiod, of course.

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