Monday, February 10, 2003

About that terrorist camp that has been operating in northern Iraq (in the no-fly zone) for quite a while now...you know, the "elusive link between Iraq and al Qaeda" that is supposed to be a pretext for war with Iraq. The group running that camp is a group of probably anti-Saddam Islamist Kurds out mostly to cut down groups of anti-Saddam secular Kurds. So reports a British reporter invited to see the camp in question. The camp also supposedly doesn't have crap for chemical weapons.

The reporter does say that the group's (Ansar al Islam) assertion that no Arabs have been imported stretches credibility.

So why has the Shrubbery allowed that camp to operate? The powers given to them right after 9-11 allows for the destruction of the camp. Yet even after the murder of a US diplomat in Jordan, it's still there.

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