Friday, July 25, 2003

Error below: Evan Mecham (R-called blacks "pickaninnies"), former governor of Arizona, was not recalled. He was almost recalled, as the recall petition drive had more than enough signatures to be valid. However, he was also caught doing some shady dealings with his campaign finances, so the GOP-dominated legislature impeached and removed him. This actually makes sense, because I don't see how his successor Rose Mofford would have become Governor any other way. I doubt she would have run as a successor on a recall ballot and she was Secretary of State at the time. She also decided not to run for reelection, letting in Fife Symington (R-resigned), who was convicted in federal court of lying to get loans for his real estate empire. That conviction was later overturned, and he was ultimately pardoned in one of the last-day pardons by Bill Clinton.

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