Thursday, July 24, 2003

It's a done deal; Kevin Shelley (D) has certified the recal petitions and the election will go on. Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante will likely set October 7 as the date.

As for what will be on the ballot, Shelley is planning for a successor election despite Bustamante's objections to it. The GOP naturally is pitching a fit over Bustamante's plan, claiming that he is trying to "appoint himself governor without facing voters." This is a fairly silly argument, as it is those same voters that designated Bustamante for the post where his most important job is to succeed the Governor in case of vacancy. It's not like the Lt. Gov. exists in a vacuum. At any rate, Shelley is accepting the necessary paperwork for those who wish to be candidates in the successor election.

In a worse development, Professor Shaun Martin of the University of San Diego law school went to federal court t block the recall. Why? Because " the portion of election law that allows voters to select a replacement candidate only if they vote yes or no on whether Davis should be recalled violates the federal Constitution." Just what they needed - the feds in another state election dispute.

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