Monday, August 18, 2003

I have to wonder whether the following is actually the case or not, but it appears to be in keeping with the tension between Gray Davis and Cruz Bustamante. Bustamante and his top consultant Richie Ross are charging that the Davis camp contacted tribal leaders urging them to sit out the second part of the recall ballot. Says Ross,
They're contacting potential supporters and contributors and telling them don't give [money] and don't support Bustamante's effort
([money] inserted by SacBee.)

For the part of Gray Davis' campaign, they had the following denial from spokesman Gabriel Sanchez,

The governor and Mrs. Davis have been very complimentary toward the lieutenant governor. There is no ill will here. It's just not true. We're focused on urging voters to vote no on the recall, and we welcome the lieutenant governor's support in that effort.
Looking closely, this amounts to a classic non-denial denial, leaving out completely the issue of what to do about the second part of the ballot.

I have to admit that it is hard to believe that the charges from Bustamante are true. It would be almost sub-idiotic for Davis aides to try to contact Bustamante's biggest supporters knowing that they can simply bust a phone call back to Bustamante's camp asking, "What gives?" But no one's ever gone broke overestimating the intelligence of political hacks.

Meanwhile, the GOP is claiming to enjoy the ongoing tension between Davis and Bustamante while ignoring the foodfights within their own party, with soon-to-be two-time-loser in one year Bill Simon (R-inept moron) taking the fight to Ahnold.

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