Friday, August 15, 2003

Right now we at GeekPol take another fair and balanced look at Kentucky, where I followed a dry hole of a story about Tina Conner, a nursing home operator who gave some sugar to current (and outgoing) Governor Paul Patton (term limits). This year is the end of Patton's term, and the general race in a state that went solidly for Shrub in 2000 (and Clinton in 1996) is a close one. The Democratic candidate, Attorney General Ben Chandler, is in a virtual dead heat with Rep. Ernie Fletcher. And Chandler is being effective by running against Shrub in the way that Mary Landrieu succeeded in 2002. Well, look at the quote...
"It's hard to believe that just three years ago, Kentucky had a surplus, had an economy that was growing," Mr. Chandler, 43, said Monday at a campaign event outside a shuttered I.B.M. plant in Lexington. "What has changed is the team in charge in Washington. And my opponent is in the starting lineup."

He has mocked his [removed by GeekPol for accuracy] opponent, Representative Ernie Fletcher, as "the job terminator." He jokes that Mr. Fletcher's motto is "leave no job behind," a jab at President Bush's vow to "leave no child behind."
It's Fair and Balanced because it's true.

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