Friday, October 31, 2003

In a NYTimes op-ed piece, former mayor of Los Angeles Dick Riordan makes the argument that the non-partisan recall election, and all city and county elections, should be the way to go for all elections statewide. He makes a fairly persuasive argument, backing it up with, you know, evidence based on his experience as mayor. This is light years better than the bald assertions that pass for argument emanating from the modern GOP.

But my favorite quote:

My belief in nonpartisanship was tested when I ran for governor last year. In the Republican primary, the conservative Bill Simon buried me with ads saying, "Embarrassed to be a Republican."
Doesn't that kind of detract from the media whore storyline that Gray Davis should be to blame for knocking out Riordan?

UPDATE: Y'know, maybe, just maybe, I should include the link? Link added in main text as well.

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