Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Is It All Bad?

Apparently not. The same day as the argyle sweater report, The LA Times put out their story of the same Wesley Clark events. (Registration required. Go on. You can do it.) First difference? No clothes chatter. Second difference? According to the NYTimes, Enron whistleblower Sherron Watkins had accompanied Clark to an event to make him more accessible to women. According to the LATimes, Watkins introduced Clark at an event where Clark detailed a plan to shut down corporate tax shelters, mentioning that Watkins is a leading voice for corporate tax reform.

Now that's a difference. Straight news. Who'd have expected that?

Other parts of the article included quotes from Clark supporters and the typical A attacks B who counterattacks A (on the issues) that belongs in these campaigns.

Conclusion: For "straight news", ignore the NYTimes and WaPo during this campaign season. You won't get any. However, to lampoon spin and opinion masquerading as news, go ahead and read the NYTimes and WaPo.

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