Wednesday, January 14, 2004

It's About Freaking Time

Andrew Fastow, late of Enron shenanigans, and his wife Lea will both plead guilty to charges related to the financial collapse of Enron. The former Enron CFO will go to prison for 10 years (oh, really?), and Lea Fastow will go to prison for 5 months. Two juicy quotes, though. From Sherron Watkins about Fastow, "I think he'll bring [Jeffrey] Skilling with him," he being the even bigger Enron dog. And the final graf:

Lay, who has a doctorate in economics, has portrayed himself as clueless about the true financial state of the company he headed. Skilling, the former chief executive, had more day-to-day dealings with Fastow.
Ha ha ha.

UPDATE: He's done it.

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