Friday, January 09, 2004

Sweet Monkeyed Crap

Here's the cycle - lazy reporter turns in a story about candidate's threads - brainless pundits (I'm looking at you, Margaret Carlson) drone on and on about, "What does the meeeeeeean?" Before it was Al Gore and his earth tones. Now it appears to be Wesley Clark and his argyle sweater. And how do we know that it's because he wants to soften his image as opposed to just simply having a personal affinity for argyle sweaters? Simple. His pollster Geoffrey Garin said something very general, and the reporter spun it from there. "There is a gender gap," Garin says. But it disappears once people actually find out about Clark, he says. No word on what argyle sweaters, which will be the focus of the corrupt pundit class, have to do with this.

On the plus side, buried deep inside, there's some RNC spin that's actually identified as RNC spin, instead of typed up as news as the media tends to do. About the ever-present "abortion issue":

[...]General Clark was quoted saying, "I don't have litmus tests." But he then called back a reporter to clarify, saying, "I'm not going to be appointing judges who are pro-life."
But with "journalism" like Edward Wyatt's, Bob Somerby will never finish his incomparable takedown of Zig Zag Zell Miller.

[special mention to Jesse Taylor for coming up with "Sweet Monkeyed Crap"]

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