Sunday, January 04, 2004

We know what some of the more strident anti-Bush partisans (I'm one, as if you didn't know) say about Josh Marshall (I'm not of that subgroup). He was for the war; he's not pure; he's too accommodating. Well, he's got a few comments about the Shrubbery's budget priorities for the coming year. Namely, that they're entirely politically motivated and pushes on constituencies that are not likely to help Bush in the election, ones that aren't likely to push back. And if you didn't think that Marshall was totally on our side, here's the money quote where Marshall puts himself in CREEP's shoes:
How do we push the budget discipline issue without pressuring any of our interest groups (for whom we've been looting the fisc for the last couple years) and do it in a way that the consequences won't be clear until we're well into the second term?
Ouch. Pretty strong language, eh?

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