Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheney too secretive for GOP

Now that's saying something.

Prominent GOPers are getting really worried that the lack of any public response from Dick Cheney is going to become a political liability for them. Quotes from the VandeHei article in the WaPo...

I cannot believe he does not look back and say this should have been handled differently. - Vin Weber, former R-MN congressman

[Cheney] ignored his responsibility to the American people. - Marlin Fitzwater, former WH flack under Reagan

VandeHei did manage to soft-peddle Whittington's heart attack...
Whittington suffered an irregular heartbeat yesterday after a shotgun pellet in his chest traveled to his heart, according to hospital officials in Corpus Christi.

I seem to remember that the media reported Elvis dying of an "irregular heartbeat" back when it was reported. (Yeah, I know, I was only 8 years old at the time, but that's what I remember John Chancellor telling everyone.) Point being that the media's attempts to make Whittington's condition less serious than it really is are just not credible.

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