Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What he "would" do

I went poking around Alterman's blog for a bit, where he was writing about Vice-president Cheney the foul-mouthed Dick shooting up his lawyer pal Harry Whittington at the canned quail hunt in South Texas. In particular, Alterman was commenting about how Paul Begala was shooting holes (pardon the expression) in the veep's cover story. Then he said something that particularly caught my eye...
Anyway, if you read the comments to Paul’s post, you see that Cheney appears to have shot the guy almost point blank. When you consider that he never bothered notifying anyone, you have to wonder whether this mishap was, as are so many hunting incidents, alcohol-related. It would be the only sensible decision for delay, since it’s hard to believe that anyone could be so arrogant as to think that they could get away with a SSWVP (shooting-someone-while-vice-president).

If there's anything I've learned about humans, it's never to determine what actually happened on the basis of what someone "would" do. Not even if that particular someone is close to you. So would Cheney be that arrogant as to try to get away with SSWVP? I don't know - if the evidence indicates that he is that damn arrogant, then he is.

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