Sunday, March 26, 2006

Can't even judge a dog show

One of the tenets of conservatism, such as they are, is that the reason the "right people" should be in charge is that the rest of the people are generally of poor character. Since they set themselves up as judges of that character, it's amusing when they do such a crummy job at it.

Witness Box Turtle Ben, who's been the object of a lot of the criticism this week, all of it deserved. Now witness Vladimir "Vlad the Inhaler" Putin. Apparently, Putin's sin is much the same as Box Turtle Ben's: he inflated his academic credentials and plagiarized his university thesis. And this is the man that Bush said he could trust just by looking at him. Object lesson: when a conservative says he can judge character, watch your pockets.

Hat tip to SusanG at DKos.

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