Friday, March 31, 2006

Person Who Should Really Know Better of the Day

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

Listening to the Randi Rhodes show now. She's playing tapes from the hearing for Feingold's censure motion. John Dean was testifying before the committee. In his testimony, he called the Shrubbery's use of FISA-violating surveillance of vegan groups worse than Nixon's offenses resulting from Watergate. Graham was tring to impugn John Dean's integrity, saying that Dean shouldn't be trusted because he went to jail over Watergate. And oh yes, Graham claimed that Nixon was actually impeached.

Do I have to finish this? Obviously, Nixon was never impeached, as any knucklehead knows that only oral sex is what brings impeachment. [snicker] Moreover, John Dean never actually went to jail; when he pled guilty to his part in Watergate, the judge cited Dean's previous participation in the Witness Protection Program and sentenced him to time served in that program.

If a high school student in a civic class tried to claim that Nixon was impeached, that student would fail. Are Republican Senators held to a lower standard than that?

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