Friday, June 30, 2006

The Obama Speech

It's really easy to criticize something that you haven't bothered to look at. It's the hallmark of the conservative punditry, especially the cobaggerati that hang out with Brent Bozell. So it's really disappointing to see people on my side act like...


I've seen so many comments about that speech where they make assertions that are opposite to what was actually said. It's just so wrong.

Michelle Goldberg? You're being dishonest.
Atrios? You're being dishonest.
Sirota? You're being dishonest.

Elton Beard? Et tu? The only one who gives me any traffic?

Thanks everyone for flaunting every damn stereotype the idiots on the right have about our side. And just because someone says what you want to hear, that doesn't make it actually correct. Obama's not buying into the GOP talking points. If you read it, you'd know that. You, on the other hand, are.

Now read the speech.

Update: Elton Beard has read the speech, and sees contradictions. I don't see them, but that's life. Looks like I was being a bit unfair to him, though. When the knee starts a-jerkin', the foot might hit one too many asses on the way. And the idea of Obama=Lieberman getting floated around makes me feel the twitch, even if Elton isn't the one spreading it.

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