Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More Donohue

The definition of wingnut welfare is a $300K/year job to go on the teevee and whine about how your group is so mistreated. Even when that group is the most powerful institution of the past 2000 years. Which of course brings us to the holder of said "job", Bill Donohue.

For someone who goes on and on about how ridiculing priests that molest children is anti-Catholic, I'd like to make it really simple for him.

When you ridicule people that wield great power, that's called satire. When you ridicule people that are basically powerless, that's called tasteless. And if you do it, you deserve a puch in the face.

You especially deserve one if you defend priests (the powerful) that molest altar boys (the powerless) by blaming the altar boys.

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