Wednesday, February 14, 2007

That awful Cape Verde story

Haven't gotten around much lately, but I haven't much seen the Cape Verde stoning incident discussed much in the left blogosphere. Not that there's much to discuss - two women stoned to death and a third surviving is a pretty awful story. Details apparently indicate that one of the dead women dated one of her attackers some time in the past, and the killings were basically revenge for her rejection of him.

No, what I was curious about was what the conservatives had to say about it. Would they blame the women for being in that position (they were asking for it by being in swimsuits) or would they blame Muslims because it involved a stoning? Never mind that Cape Verde was a Portuguese colony with a mostly Christian population. Also never mind that there really is no such thing as an indigenous Cape Verdean, as the islands were completely uninhabited before the Portuguese set up shop. If there was a stoning, it must have been those dirty Muslims, according to conservatives.

So which was it? Blame the women or the Muslims?

Wait for it...

You got it! According to a chundersplash from Pajamas Media, you should blame both!

Let’s see...all three women were surfers. That means they were likely attractive, or in good shape, and probably spent a lot of time in public wearing swimsuits.

Now which global group gets all up in arms about women going about in skimpy attire and uses the practice of stoning as a punishment for that sort “lewd” behavior?

I’d be willing to wager good money that the men who killed these women were Islamic extremists and that the Associated Press is covering that fact up.

I'd take that bet because it's free money for me. Hell, if conservatives can get a crapload of wingnut welfare for basically doing nothing, I'd be glad to relieve them of some of their ill-gotten gains when they want to wave it around.

Update: From Dickslap's:

I guess one of them had sex with a local guy, so they killed her and another one for being, y’know, sluts. I’m wagering the attackers were Muslims, but I suppose that’s probably because I’m a bigot.

Jeez, Dan. That's just way too easy.

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