Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Let's quote myself, shall we...

That would refer to the contraceptive, Plan B. The usual understanding is that it irritates the uterine lining, reducing the chances for implantation of a ball of cells. Turns out that this is wrong. It actually delays ovulation, which means there is no ball of cells to implant. And in an ironic twist, the research that determines that Plan B does not in fact reduce the chance for implantation was done at the Catholic University of Chile.

These new results should (and I emphasize "should") stop the anti-abortion crowd from waving bloody fetuses around with respect to Plan B. "Should", but won't, because propaganda comes easier than the truth for them.

That prediction turned out correct. The willfully ignorant GOP candidates are still pandering to their willfully ignorant conservative base by equating contraception with abortion. Research still says that hormonal contraception does not prevent an already fertilized egg from implanting, but why know better? There's votes to be had and contributions to be raised.

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