Friday, September 06, 2002

Hesiod at Counterspin Central has some really stoopid fanboys.

Why you should read MWO...

Speaking of Andrew Sullivan, someone should tell Mickey Kaus that assigning an acronym to an imaginary group doesn't make it exist. Lately, Kaus has taken to referring to an imaginary phenomenon involving southern men overcompensating for their accents by becoming liberal as "GSWB's" (Guilty Southern White Boys).

Acronyms are handy for groups that do genuinely exist like Those Once Tolerable And Leftish Who Hope Overpraising Right-wingers Earns $. But there is no such thing as a GSWB.

Thursday, September 05, 2002

Israeli police chased down a car bomb that contained 1300 pounds of explosives. The drivers abandoned it during the chase, while the bomb squad detonated it. Israeli authorities say they averted a major catastrophe.

For reference, the truck bomb set off by conservative wackjob Tim McVeigh was roughly four times the size of that car bomb.

Bah hah hah hah hah!

For those who haven't been following (and if you're going so far as to click on GeekPol, you have been following), Bill McBride is a political unknown running for the Democratic nomination for Florida governor against a rather more famous opponent, member of teh GOP haet lits Janet Reno. Now polls have the incumbent governor Jeb Bush (R-election thief) ahead of Reno by a lot, but ahead of McBride by not much. So what's his strategy? Why, attack McBride, of course.

Suffice it to say that thanks to Jebbie's attacks and to Florida's more closed primary system than California's, McBride is no longer a political unknown. Says here that nine of ten Democrats recognize McBride. And now that they know him, they like him better than Reno. Oh yes, they like him almost as much as Bush too.

Way to evict yourself, Jebbie. We know that because of the drug laws and your coked-up kids you should have been evicted from the Governor's Mansion anyway, but now voters can make it official.

More from Hesiod about how McBride is now a lock to win the Democratic primary.

On edit: I haven't been following that well if I referred to Bill McBride as Ron McBride.

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

So GeekPol took a bit of a hiatus over the Labor Day weekend - when it's Labor Day, you don't do labor. We here took the opportunity to go down to Atlanta (why? well, why not?). This coincided with the start of the college football season, which is something that makes people in the Southeast forget about auto racing.

True story: You know you're where college football is king when a radio station in Chattanooga plays a club dance mix of Rocky Top.

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