Sunday, December 28, 2003

Well, regular season is more or less over. So we can now look at the object of the Vulgar Junkie's obsession, Donovan McNabb of your... Philadelphia Eagles. Two key stats to look at are QB rating and yards per attempt. So how did McNabb end up doing after his utterly horrifyingly bad first six games?

Well, his YPA for those games was an awful 4.49. At the end? 6.73 yards per attempt, which is well above his career average. As for QB rating, I don't even pretend to know how to calculate that, but his first 6 games were as follows: 51.6, 33.4, 78.7, 51.7, 70.4, 29.1. I assure you that that is bloody awful. His final rating? 79.6, which is, again, higher than his career average.

Let's keep on. TD's and INT's? First six games: 2 and 6. Last 10 games: 14 and 5. And as for the Vulgar Junkie's assertion that McNabb was carried by the defense? This year, defensive injuries were absolutely appalling, and as a result couldn't really stop the run. Overall, injuries made them look pretty mediocre. Conclusion: McNabb carried the team this year. Every single Limbaugh talking point about McNabb was proved wrong. But then, what do you expect from someone who can't get simple facts right? (See Mike Martz and Super Bowls) Hell, you could say that the only way that someone could say what that buffoon Limbaugh said about football in general would be if he were on drugs.

Heh. Indeed.

UPDATE: No, I don't really know how to calculate QB rating, but when there's a javascript that does it for me, I can't complain. By that calculator, McNabb's rating in his last 10 games was a fairly strong 89.4. It's good for about fifth in the NFC, where he's bunched up with Favre (92.9) and Aaron Brooks (93.6).

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