Friday, April 18, 2003

Frequent Daily Kos poster Billmon traces Southern militarism in general to one particular "runty little Scotsman", here, that Scotsman being King James I, originator of the House of Stuart. And he goes through 300 years of history to do it. Very interesting reading.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Just added Archpundit to the blogroll. If you need a source for anything involving Illinois or Missouri politics, there's your source.

Barney Gumble catches the Vulgar Pigboy in a lie. A really bad lie. Smells like a bushel of rotting mackerel lie.


For another edition of what happens when media whores write Pleasing Stories for the right wing...

If the election were held today, Shrub would draw 45% of the vote in California, and any crappy Democrat would draw 40%, with the rest undecided. What sounds like it should be rotten news for Shrub (a war bounce and no opponent and he still can't pull a majority?) is turned into "...would win the country's most populous state if the next vote were held today, according to a poll released on Wednesday."

That's right. He got a whopping 3% war bounce in California, and the press somehow hands Shrub about 56 electoral votes.

You couldn't come up with a conclusion that stupid if you tried.

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