Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Did lightning strike someone in the Democratic Party?

Someone's decided that wedge issues work both ways. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has crafted something called the Prevention First Act, which would among other things require health plans to cover contraceptives if they cover other prescriptions. (Dem dithering kept them from attaching this to the budget resolution.)

Why is this a wedge? While a lot of partisan voting has occurred over the abortion issue, prevention of abortions by increasing availability of contraception is favored by 3 of 4 voters. This would mean that a good chunk of GOP voters are in favor of the Democratic position on contraception.

Of course, you can't have an article about abortion without an unintentionally ironic quote by a nutty anti-abortion kook. From the office of Tom Coburn (R-sterilizer)...

“The efforts will likely fail because they’re beholden to left-wing interest groups who oppose common-sense measures like parental notification,” said John Hart, spokesman for Sen. Tom Coburn (Okla.), a conservative Republican who has been outspoken on the issues of abortion and contraception. “They take an ideological and unscientific view of contraception."

Coburn's flack of course, neglected to mention that Coburn is in favor of "common-sense measures" like the death penalty for abortion doctors. He also neglected to mention the real science behind contraception.

(via georgia10 at DKos)

Two nominees for Backpfeifengesicht

TimBuck2 at Blah3 suggests Brian Doyle, the GOP media hack caught wanting to get his freak on with a 14-year-old girl.

My nominees have to do with some people involved in a case in Arizona. I might be tempted to hand it to the perps, Clifton Bennett and Kyle Wheeler, for shoving broomsticks up the asses of 18 boys. An obvious choice, especially given that Bennett is the son of the Arizona Senate leader. If you sodomize 18 boys, you're certainly going to get yours. But no - I have to go with Yavapai County prosecutor James Landis for letting them off. And he was looking for a reason to let them off, too...

Yavapai County prosecutor James Landis said his office never considered the “broomings” as sexual in nature. Rather, he described what happened as a form of punishment or discipline.

He has said his office could not prove Bennett and Wheeler had any sexual intent.

He said the case likely would have been treated differently if the victims were girls or if there was evidence that the defendants were homosexual.

There you have it. Proof that the "right people" get special privileges. This clown got the privilege of not getting prosecuted for sodomy because his sexual orientation was correct by GOP standards.

I don't want to hear one more word about how gays are demanding special privileges. Because it's damn clear that if you're a prominent conservative, or the offspring of one, you already get them.

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