Friday, September 22, 2006

Bush defenders sink to a new level of idiocy

Tony Snow says that the president is just so special because he's the only one given the oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

Well, him and every federal elected official, employee, and inductee into the armed services. And everyone that's been naturalized swears it as well.

So basically, the resposibility is with every dang citizen in this country.

Maybe I should start defending the Constitution by going after all those opposed to the Constitution. You know - conservatives. Conservatives hate this country and everything it stands for. It really is time to use them as targets.

Figuratively, of course.

FactCheck will now do a show as Johnny Bravo

FactCheck.org and the Arizona Republic pull the Greg Brady Defense in arguing that Bill Hillsman's VoteVets ad is a lie.

Here's the deal: George Allen, Rick Santorum, and other senators that only give lip service to the troops voted against a Mary Landrieu amendment that would have set aside $1b for updating protective equipment. To quote Media Matters...
because Landrieu did not specify "body armor" as a "priority" when discussing the legislation on the Senate floor, the assertion that Allen voted against body armor is "false" and "scandalous." But regardless of whether Landrieu specifically cited "body armor," she repeatedly stated on the floor that the bill would ensure that National Guard soldiers had "helmets" and other "force protection" equipment intended to "minimize causalities."

They later voted against a similar amendment 6 months later offered by Chris Dodd.

See, because Landrieu didn't use the exact words "body armor", she couldn't possibly have been talking about it.

The Quayle-family-owned Arizona Republic and FactCheck.org will find that exact words are hard to live by.

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