Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Google Bomb Results

I would like to point out that of the 52 targets of the Google Bomb Project, 25 have lost. A few more (Vernon Buchanan, Robin Hayes) are on the upper end of sure recounts and another one (Reichert) is just about tied with 10,000 more absentee ballots to be counted, with possibly another recount.


Dems good for markets?

The answer to that question: Yes, but there's something else at work.

Kos put up a table of the annualized stock returns for all presidents since Truman. The conclusion that was made was that Dems average a better stock return than the GOP.

Looking closer at that table, there are a couple of outliers, and they really stick out badly. Nixon and Bush the Lesser. The others from the GOP are right about at the average.

My explanation: the markets really hate autocratic executives that work to consolidate a huge amount of power into their own offices. And when the next one comes along and spreads the power out among all three branches, markets do well again.

So the answer is that Dems are good for markets, but only because the standard-bearers are not dictatorial assbags. Lesson: Democracy good, dictators bad. The American stock market only gives good returns when America is run by Americans, and not by conservatives. Conservatives who seek to consolidate power in the conservative class, enriching only themselves.

DEMS WIN!!!1!!

It's morning in America.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Piccie of the Day

GOP hack Brad Blakeman's face after getting torn a new one by Cliff Schecter.

F'in' priceless.

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