Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Firing the US Attorneys

The rather large-scale termination of federal prosecutors has largely been attributed to political reasons. (Well, duh.) Odd political reasons, since the original prosecutors are Bush appointees replace by more Bush appointees. But the case of David Iglesias is a really good illustrator of those political reasons.

What do we learn? Iglesias was a model for the Tom Cruise character in "A Few Good Men", is quite the right winger, and has been thought to be a rising star in the New Mexico GOP. So why was he fired?

The point of the federal prosecutor system under the Shrubbery is apparently to get Democrats out of office and get the GOP into office, and to preserve current GOP offices. It isn't necessarily to, you know, enforce the law, something you would think a prosecutor should be doing. You'd think.

Well, apparently, Iglesias thought that as well. He didn't find any evidence of Democratic voter fraud in the 2004 election, and he wasn't going fast enough to satisfy the NM GOP in investigating other Democrats.

So, we have a rising star in the GOP who didn't do enough to get Democrats out of office. This leads me to the following conclusion: The Rovian expectation of Iglesias was to spend a few years as a prosecutor, then get out and run for office himself, hopefully bagging a few Democrats along the way...

After George W. Bush was elected president in 2000, New Mexico Republicans, led by Domenici, lobbied for Iglesias' appointment as U.S. attorney. The expectation was that he would follow up his tenure with another run for public office.

"They felt they were grooming him for a political career," said Joe Monahan, a New Mexico political blogger.

And when Iglesias instead decided to use his prosecutor position to enforce the law instead of advancing the GOP, they turned on him.

Bet the fools are even calling him a liberal now.

Shorter Max Boot

Alarm over Iran helps Bush

The overblown talk about attacking Iran makes Bush's sure-handed diplomacy even better.

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