Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Waiting in line

Amanda at Pandagon has figured out what conservatives really fear.

Sad news

Ann Richards, great character and former Texas governor, died today.

I once got a Texas map while she was still governor...its tagline was, "Texas is such a fun state, even the animals look like practical jokes." Followed by pictures of an armadillo and Ann Richards with that wide grin she always had.

Shorter Max Boot

Democracy, Our Best Protector

The conventional wisdom is that Bush blundered by trying to spread democracy at gunpoint. The reality is the opposite: Bush blundered by trying to spread democracy at gunpoint.

Shorter concept as usual ripped off from B^3.

Monday, September 11, 2006

A Question for Conservatives

Is there any reason why your president is WALKING ALL OVER MY FLAG?

The Reagans

Now that the Path to 9/11 crapfest is in the middle of its airing, various commentators, namely Dick Polman at the Philadelphia Inquirer, have now declared a pox on both their houses, using "The Reagans" miniseries as the comparison point. Bashing conservatives over this is justified, since he named the conservatives involved (Ed Gillespie for one) and they really are being hypocritical about it. (Conservative hypocrites: But I repeat myself.) But he starts out by bashing liberals over it. And predictably, he uses Barbra Streisand (James Brolin was playing Reagan in the series) as his stand-in for all liberals. But since he mentioned activists and bloggers as his hypocrites, I wanted to see which bloggers wanted this so badly.

Atrios? He was getting pretty popular back then. Looking around November 4, 2003, there's a link to Alterman (link rot) and a quote from GLAAD about how the series papered over Reagan's attitude towards AIDS. And that even when AIDS was mentioned, the scene was fictionalized. So, a) nothing endorsing the series and 2) a liberal activist group complaining about it. Not exactly "liberal outrage" over its getting pulled.

Daily Kos? It had three stories, one linking to the same Alterman article, one linking a letter John Dingell wrote to Les Moonves, and a satirical post based on that same Dingell-Moonves letter. Again, no huge outrage over its pulling from the schedule.

Josh Marshall? He mentioned going on Aaron Brown's show about it. He also thought that the conservative outrage over it was a joke. He also didn't say anything about Path to 9/11. Still, nothing that could be considered hypocritical.

The big dog at that time was Media Whores Online. Being dead, their archive appears to have disappeared.

So much for Big Blogger Outrage over cancellation of "The Reagans". And to be accurate - it wan't cancelled; it was put onto a pay channel.

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