Thursday, March 27, 2003


Something came in from the people investigating the plane crash that killed Paul Wellstone. They found that a) there was no engine or propeller failure and b) the the craft was approaching too slowly, which is the first no-no they teach you in pilot training. And not just a little too slowly either.

The parsimonious explanation is that the pilots were dumbasses. A question that can be raised: did the pilots know better and try to get the speed up, but couldn't for whatever reason? Any other record of thos pilots coming in slower than they should? And so on and so on and so on.

Dangit, Tina Conner and Paul Patton showed up on the wire services again. Gov. Patton (D-coal) has been charged by a Kentucky commonwealth ethics panel with doing favors for Conner, like giving preferential treatment to a construction company owned by Conner for getting state highway contracts. No contracts were actually awarded to her company. Still nothing corroborating her nursing home allegation.

There was a war protest in Albuquerque and a number of undercover law enforcement officers were found in attendance. And who found them, pray tell? Why, the Assistant D.A. who was in attendance.

As we all know by watching the selective TV news coverage, Saddam's palaces are piles of rubble. And somewhere in that pile is hiding the keys to the city of Detroit Said the pastor of the Chaldean Church, who gave the key to Saddam, Saddam "was a good American at the time and treated us royally."

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