Friday, November 22, 2002

Seeing The Forest linked to me. And why should you read that one? Because the author is connected to a new entity called the Commonweal Institute, a Democratic counterpart to the Heritage Foundation, only more honest. Focus will be on communicating liberal ideas to the public. Suffice it to say that this undertaking has been rather difficult lately, largely because the conservative-tilting media hates sound bites longer than 10 seconds. Since Seeing The Forest's author might be the one getting a foot in the media door, you'll likely see tomorrow's progressive PR there first.

Hu Jintao is the new leader of the Communist Party in China. One Jim Sherman wrote a comedy bit called "Hu's on First?" starring Shrub and Condi Rice.

From Nathan Newman

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Archive problems fixed.

UPDATE: Now they should really truly be fixed.

The big little news of the moment is that Tom Daschle criticized Mush Limpballs for inciting his audience. Not surprisingly, Howie Kurtz is the first to go to Limbaugh's knob, citing irrelevant quotes that have nothing to do with Limbaugh equating Daschle with Satan. That is, the dishonest Kurtz dissembles by conveniently ignoring the one counterexample that would completely destroy his premise.

As for what to do about the dittomonkey whinefest assisted by Kurtz, I agree with Hesiod that this rather common-knowledge attack against Limbaugh should be repeated frequently. A little Monday Morning quarterbacking from GeekPol's analysts (tina) say that what Daschle said should have been said when that anthrax attacker made Daschle and Pat Leahy targets of an assassination attempt. And it should have been shouted from the rooftops every day from that point, as it was no coincidence that the targets were also prime targets of Limbaugh.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

[sarcasm alert]

Nathan Newman fails to see what's really important. It's OK to be a liar about the nation's affairs. It's not OK to lie about BJ's. Don't these Clinton apologists ever learn?

[sarcasm off]

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