Wednesday, November 06, 2002

And it's really about time someone took Terry McAuliffe out behind the woodshed to show him what "courage of your convictions" really means.

Well, the America-hating GOP pretty much won everything. Goes to show that Americans really don't care about integrity.

I don't vote GOP, quite frankly, because voting for them is a death wish. You vote for them, you vote for dead babies (see Jeb). You vote for them, you vote for WWIII. It's that simple.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Well, we (tinw) have returned to the States. Just in time, too. Seems as there's an election today. Only problem is because I moved to Illinois a couple of months ago, I'm no longer registered in Missouri. This means that I couldn't vote for Jean Carnahan over the ethically-challenged Social-Security-privatizer Jim Talent. On the other hand, I am now from Illinois, which means that the GOP will get swept out. And no, the election for Governor of Rod Blagojevich against Jim Ryan (R- tried to execute innocents) is not that close, except maybe in some push-pollster's mind.

TAPPED notices that Jonathan Last's "most intellectually dishonest" hatchet job on Democratic tactics in Weekly Standard is eerily similar to one by pompous-ass self-righteous dishonest prig William Bennett's article in the National Review.

So the question is: Does Bill Bennett plagiarize from Jonathan Last, does Last plagiarize from Bennett, or do they both plagiarize from the same source? One thing's for sure, GOP hacks sure do have a problem with intellectual honesty, but then you knew that already.

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